Friday, September 10, 2010


Welcome to my new project , SNTM (Stardolls Next Top Medoll)
I have two amazing judges. 3mmag9 and Shakira and myself. Right now I am looking for models for Cycle 1. If you would like to be one fill out this forum in the comment box.

Do you know how to use tinypic?
Can you make graphics?
Why do you want to be a model?

Good luck!


  1. Username: Tess_Diva101

    Name: Tessa

    Do I Know How To Use Tinypic?: No , But I Can Upload Photos From My Camera Onto It . I Don`t Know How To Do Anything Else ) ;

    Can I Make Graphics?: No , Trying To Find Somebody To Teach Me How To Though .

    Why Do I Want To Be A Model?: Because I Love Fashion And I Am A Very Creative And Delightful Person . I Love Taking Photos And I Have Had People In My Family That Have Been In The Modelling Business , So I Have A Fair Idea What To Expect .

    Bio: I Have Lived In NZ y Whole Life And I Am Very Passionate About Fashion And Photography . I Am 13 Years Old , And As I Said Before , I Have Had Family Members That Have Been Models , So I Know What To Expect .

  2. Username:KMW12
    Do you know how to use tinypic? yes, yes i do

    Can you make graphics? no. wait using photoshop

    Why do you want to be a model? i think modeling is cool. and it is a chance for me to have some fame and feel good about myself.

    Bio: Ahem, well i live in new jersey now. and i have lived here my whole life. I used to be on an all boys soccer team.(sucked). and i am currently in 7th grade. So not much interesting stuff happened to me.

  3. Username : daisy-croatia

    Name : Danka

    Do you know how to use tinypic? : Of course :]

    Can you make graphics? : Yes, I can

    Why do you want to be a model : I think that this is a great opportunity to show my skills and to prove that I am indeed unique

    Bio : I was born somewhere in Europe ;) I live in a beautiful country, Croatia. I am going in 2nd grade of high school. I will soon turn 16. I joined stardoll 3 days before my birthday, October 2nd 2008. I speak 3 languages, Croatian, my mother tongue, English and German.

  4. Username: Kellanandme

    Name: Clem

    Do you know how to use tinypic? Yes

    Can you make graphics? I think so ? I don't really know what they are .

    Why do you want to be a model? Because I would love to have my medoll out there for people to see so I can showcase my talent

    Bio: I was born somewhere in the Pacific Ocean . I love Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld . That's all you really need to know

  5. user: misscloehart
    tinypic: yes
    graphics: think so?
    why?: it would be amazing
    Live in Usa, love pink neon and fashion, I am very smart and idk what else to say, any questions GB.

  6. username:candy_blossom
    do you know how to use a tinypic?:yes
    can you make graphics: yes... but not ones that are too hard
    why do you want to be a model: modelling is just something that i really want to do and i think i would be good at it.
    bio: i am indian, moved to australia. 13 years old. started stardoll earlier this year. i am very intrested in graphic designong (though im not very good at it).

  7. Username: Maddyroxmysox
    Name: Katie
    Do you know how to use tinypic? I sure do. ;]
    Can you make graphics? Kinda. Im learning
    Why do you want to be a model? Because Its always been a dream of mine. I love modeling and fashion!
    Bio: I am 11 years of age. I live in NZ. I have been on stardoll since 2007. I love fashion and posing. I can make cool scenery's and I love to learn!